Artist Dyer Maker


DYER MAKER are a 5 piece Psychedelic Rock band from Maitland, New South Wales, Australia. Each band member hones in on their favourite musical influences  adding a healthy spin of originality. They have quickly gained their reputation and following around Newcastle and Sydney by producing captivating and energetic live shows. Their latest EP “It’s Hard To Know” has been densely successful on local playlists and indie radio stations and Triple J. Delay was recorded at The Grove Studios and mixed and mastered by Jack Nigro.

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Artist India_ATJTTE 2

INDIA and the Journey to the East

Folk rock influenced band from Newcastle, Australia. Fronted by India Seddon-Callaghan an 18 year old singer-songwriter influenced by The Beatles, The Cranberries and Courtney Barnett. India is bringing a whole new vibe to her folk inspired original music, collaborating with fellow musicians Anton Buckingham (SHRIMP), Cameron Brownell (BYREN) & Alex McWhirter (Newcastle Music Collective).

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Artist Waxfinz

The Waxfinz

The Waxfinz are a 3 piece alternative/surf rock outfit from the Central Coast of NSW. Utilising clean yet driving instrumentals accompanied by catchy vocals. The boys have covered numerous venues across the east coast.

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Artist Byren 1

Photo of the moon

Byren & The Dream Band are a group of extraordinarily passionate people who’r all about delivering a musical experience that is both reflective and emotionally cathartic. Blending folk, alternative rock and much more into huge amalgam of genres, they create lush, dynamic soundscapes and powerful lyrics to loose yourself within.

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Cinema Friends

Cinema Friends are a 3 piece, indie flavoured alt rock band from Wollongong. They are a bunch of young guns set to shake up the touring festival circuit (FKA, Seven Suns).

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Artist Kingsley James

Kingsley James

A soul man doing soul thangs. Lovely things are a com’n for You and I. Intimate and soulful, Kingsley’s sound will submerge you in emotion. An honest and raw take of the human condition.

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Cooks & Bakers

Cooks & Bakers, a Newcastle based band, started February of 2018. Consisting of members Campbell Ross, Finn Ellem and Nathaniel Duggan.

Cooks & Bakers have recently released their latest single “Stay” with a sold out release show to support the release. The track starts off with lots of energy before transforming into a melodic and utopian bridge and follows up from the three previous singles accruing over 130000 streams on Spotify collectively.

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